SBI ATM Block, How to Block SBI ATM Card, SBI Debit Card Block Number 2024

You may check the SBI ATM Card Block Number, which is 2024. Thus, as this post will be extremely helpful to you, I kindly ask that you read it. you may call the SBI customer service line at 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800 to Block your SBI ATM card. You will be guided through the blocking of your card by an automated speech system when you call.


SBI ATM Block 2024:- Hello friends, if you are a customer of SBI bank and you want to block your SBI ATM card then you are reading the right blog post. There are many reasons for blocking an ATM card. With the SBI Mobile App or Internet Banking Portal, you can also Block your SBI ATM card as an alternative. The steps are as follows:

SBI ATM Block Number

SBI ए, टी, एम, ब्लॉक नंबर

SBI ए, टी, एम, ब्लॉक नंबर

  • Open your SBI mobile app or online banking portal and log in.
  • Look under the “e-Services” or “Services” section.
  •  To ban your ATM card, look for the option and then adhere to the instructions.
  • It’s critical to block your card right away if you believe it has been lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised in order to stop fraudulent transactions.

Can SMS be used to block the card?

  • The ATM card can be blocked through SMS if it is misplaced or stolen.
  • Customers won’t even need an account or password for this.
  • You must Text BLOCK and the final four digits of the card number to 567676 from the mobile phone associated with the account.
  • The ticket number, blocking date, and blocking time will all be included in the communication you get from the bank to confirm the card block.

On the phone, you may also block the card. You

  • can also make a phone call to disable the ATM card.
  • Calling customer service will allow SBI customers to ban their cards.
  • Call 18004253800 or 1800112211 to reach this toll-free number.
  • By according to the IVR system’s instructions, you can restrict SBI ATM cards here (IVRS).


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