CBI Bank ATM Block, How to Block Central Bank of India Debit Card

If you do business with Bank of India, you get access to this bank’s ATM card service. You may use an ATM card to make online payments and withdraw cash from an ATM machine. But, if your ATM card is missing, you can quickly disable it.

How to Block Central Bank of India Debit Card

I’m going to explain how to disable a Bank of India ATM card in this blog today. There are several techniques to ban an ATM card, and today I’ll go through each one in detail.

Ways to block Bank of India ATM Card:

  • By calling customer care
  • Using Internet Banking
  • By sending E-mail to the bank
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Method 1: Bank of India ATM Card Block Details by calling customer care

  1. Call 18004251112 from the mobile device associated with the bank account first.
  2. When the call is connected, the customer service representative will inquire for your account number, name, and identification.
  3. You can ask the customer service representative to ban the ATM card when the verification procedure is finished.
  4. Your request will then be granted, and your ATM card will be disabled.

Method 2: Bank of India ATM Card Block Details through Internet Banking

  1. Open the Bank of India’s online banking page in your browser by going to https://www.bankofindia.co.in/html/popup retailnew.html.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password to get into your net banking account.
  3. After logging into your account, go to the main page and select the Request option from the menu.
  4. Following that, select Hotlist debit card on the following screen by clicking on debit card Hotlisting.
  5. You next choose the number for your debit or ATM card and click the “submit” button.
  6. 6.    Your ATM card will thereafter be instantly banned.

Method 3: Bank of India ATM Card Block Details by sending Email

By sending an email from the bank account’s registered email address, you can disable your ATM card.

  1. You first enter a new message into the mail box.
  2. Instead of To, type PSS.hotcard@fisglobal.com.
  3. Submit Block ATM Card there.
  4. Send the email after writing the ATM card number in the body.
  5. After sending the message, your ATM card is instantly disabled.

Method 4: Bank of India ATM Card Block Details Using Mobile App

  1. Then, download the BOI mobile banking app to your phone.
  2. Log in to the app using the registered cellphone number or customer ID after installing it.
  3. Go to the request option in the app after logging in.
  4. Choose the card block option after that.
  5. choose the ATM card number, and after that disable the card.

Conclusion – I’ve explained how to disable your Bank of India ATM card in this article. You can disable your ATM card by using the aforementioned approach if it has been misplaced someplace. Your understanding of the Bank of India ATM Card Block Information must have been improved by reading this post, in my opinion.