CBI Mobile Number Change Online & Offline, Central Bank of India Mobile Number Form 2024

How to Register a Mobile Number or Modify It at the Central Bank of India Do you have a Central Bank of India account? Have you connected your regular mobile number to the account? The combination of a mobile number with a bank account has several benefits. You will receive the transaction information following each transaction, allowing you to keep track of the account balance. You may use the missed call services to rapidly get updates.

CBI Mobile Number Change

You can use online banking services and register a cellphone number to get updates. On your registered cellphone number, you will receive the OTP—One Time Password—with which you may access safe banking operations whether purchasing online or making any payments.

Central Bank of India Mobile Number Form 2024

You must register and update your cellphone number with the Central Bank of India if you haven’t done so already or if it’s changed since you last did so. Mobile number registration with the bank is now required, however if you forgot to do it when creating your account, you may still do it afterwards. To prevent misunderstanding, you must understand how to register/change your cellphone number with the bank.

Register Mobile number in Central Bank of India Through ATM

  • 1. Use your ATM card at the local CBI ATM.
  • 2. Enter the ATM pin now to continue.
  • 3. Next, select an alternative from the menu that appears at the bottom of the ATM screen.
  • 4. After that, choose Mobile Reg.
  • 5. Enter the mobile number now, then click the confirm button. You must verify the same cellphone number once more.
  • 6. Your cellphone number will be successfully registered.

Steps to Register/Change Mobile number through Branch

1: The procedure entails submitting an application in writing to the Branch Manager of the Central Bank of India’s primary branch. Create an application and include the requirement, associating the account’s cellphone number with it.

 2: Take a copy of your Aadhar Card, a copy of the front page of your bank passbook, and the application with you when you visit the local branch. Copies of the documents should be self-attested and attached to the application.

Provide the supporting paperwork with your application.

Important Note: You must even bring the original documents to the bank because the staff members could need them for verification. Once enabled, your new cellphone number will start receiving SMS notifications.

3: The mobile phone will be connected to the account within two days, and you’ll receive an SMS with the confirmation.

Note: You can fill out the KYC form and ask to change or register your cellphone number at the bank’s branch instead of submitting a letter to the bank manager. The remaining stages are same.

Together with the originals, carry copies of the papers that you have self-attested. In order to get the greatest banking services, make sure the cellphone number is constantly up to date with the account.