Indian Bank ATM Block, How to Block ATM Card of Indian Bank

How is an Indian Bank ATM Card Blocked? One of the most reputable banks in the nation, Indian Bank has locations all over the place. It provides its account users with the option of an ATM/debit card.

Indian Bank ATM Block

The ATM card facility makes it easier and more comfortable for clients to do bank transactions. In the event that a customer’s debit card or ATM card is stolen or misplaced, the cardholder can instantly ban or add the Indian Bank ATM card to a “hot list” to prevent fraud.

Indian Bank Debit Card Block

How to call customer service to block an Indian Bank ATM card? The account holder only needs to phone the Indian Bank customer service line and ask them to immediately block the Indian Bank ATM card. The following is the Indian Bank customer service number for blocking ATM cards:

1800 425 00 000 (toll-free)

After receiving some information for verification, the customer service representative will immediately Block the ATM card. Customers of Indian Bank can also phone several toll-free helplines to request the blocking of their Indian Bank ATM card. These are the hotline numbers for Indian Bank ATM Cards:





Account holders must call the Indian Bank ATM / Debit card hotline from the registered mobile number to seek the blocking or adding of the card to a hotlist.

How can an Indian Bank ATM card be blocked via email? Sending an email to the designated email address is one of the simplest ways to ban an Indian Bank debit card, which will enable the account holder to do so quickly. 

The consumer must include the necessary account information when requesting to restrict or add an Indian Bank ATM card to a hotlist. By sending an email to -, the Indian bank ATM card can be stopped online.


The customer will get a confirmation mail once the Indian Bank ATM card is blocked

How do I visit a bank branch to block an Indian Bank ATM card? To ban or add an Indian Bank ATM Card to a hotlist, a customer can also go to the Indian Bank branch that is closest to them. By completing the debit card hotlisting request form, account holders can accomplish this with ease. The ATM card will be Blockd after the appropriate information is provided and the request form is submitted. The bank may also request copies of the account holder’s ID, address proof, and passbook.

The customer may choose from a number of options provided by the Indian Bank to block or add their ATM card to a hotlist. To prevent card misuse, one must ensure that the process is not delayed.